History of a Singer Sewing Machine

Secret Life of a Sewing Machine
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Free Table Topper Quilter Pattern, embellish it how you like, easy strip piecing!!!  Pattern Instruction Page
Free Quilt Patterns

Quilt Patterns

Quilt Blocks Galore

Free Patterns to download

Wild Ginger, Wild Things (fun items)

Wild Ginger, i-care Medical Items

Pattern Fitting, Tips & Knowledge!

Debbie's Blog   "Stitches and Seams"   Lots of information and tips from an expert sewer. Excellent instructions on adjustments and techniques, need a good zipper tutorial, this is here!

Reviews on patterns, Sewing Machines and great tips!!!
Sewing Pattern Review, this site is a wealth of information!

Threads Magazine (online)

Threads video, how sew in a neckline binding on knits
Easy Fly Front Zipper Video (Sandra Betzini "Power Sewing")


Brian Sews  (blog)           www.briansews.com          

Embroidery Library techniques for Machine Embroidery, Videos
                                     and fun projects

Nancy Zieman's Video's  online over 100 of her full episodes online.....enjoy!

Many Free patterns Including Charity Items

Sewing.org   always something new to learn, project instructions.

Peggy Sagers Silhouette pattern line, past webcasts  Silhouette home page.

Remember that word HAND STITCH, here is a fantastic site to remember how to do all the basics hand stitches.

Cornell University  Guided Tutorials for Draping the Human Form
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Illustration of a lock stitch sewing machine.


A balanced tension is when the locking knot is in the middle of your material being sewed. This will form a complete stitch on the top and bottom of your material.
The correct thread and needle are important to get a perfect stitch. If the needle or thread is too large for the material being sewed the interlocking knot will not sink (hide) into the middle of your material and "pop out". This can give the illusion of a small zigzag if you are sewing a straight stitch. This is due to the way a lock stitch is formed as the top and bottom thread twist around each other in the same direction. A finer thread and needle will help hide the locking stitch in lightweight material. If you are sewing a heavier material it is easier to hide the locking of the stitch. You want your upper and lower tensions balanced with the correct pull to hide the locking knot and obtain a uniform stitch without puckering.

If top stitching you want the locking knot to be pulled slightly to the bottom, this can be accomplished by loosening the top tension on the sewing machine.
Sewing Techniques and Dictionary of Sewing Terms, Husqvarna Viking Web site...zippers, pockets, finishes, necklines, excellent instructions with wonderful animated illustrations. Need to put in that invisible zipper, fly, special collar......look here!
Hint: Take a doubled piece of cotton fabric about 3"-4" square. Sew along the bias (corner to corner). At the end, remove the fabric from under the needle, and stretch it along the stitching. It the tension is not balanced, one thread will break first. If it is the top thread, loosen the top tension. If the bobbin thread pops first, tighten the top tension. When the tension is balanced, both threads will break at the same time, or neither will break. If it is balanced, but the threads look either too loose or so tight that they pucker, you will have to also adjust your bobbin tension, but that usually isn't necessary.

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  • Las Vegas ASG reversed applique design.
  • First you want to hoop a tear away stabilizer along with a polar fleece or material of choice for the underneath applique.
  • Using a water soluble stabilizer on the front of the sweatshirt will help keep lettering from sinking into the sweatshirt.
  • Aline item to be embroidered (sweat-shirt) over the two items hooped positioning it in the hoop where you want the design to stitch out, this can be temporarily pinned into place. The first color to stitch out will be a basting stitch used to secure sweatshirt to be embroidered to the hooped material.
  • Second color to stitch out will be the design and Las Vegas wording.
  • After the stitch out is complete, remove the the hoop and sweatshirt from the machine. Remove tearaway and trim the polar fleece close to the design.
  • Carefully trim the front of your sweatshirt or embroidered item in the ASG lettering for a reverse applique, this will expose the polar fleece that is on the underneath side. Leave between 1/8 to 1/4 inch of sweatshirt material next to the inside of the stitching. It will roll up, fray and look cool!!!
  • Press as needed....a little puff of steam never hurts!

  • American sewing guild has 3 color stops, you can sew in multiple colors or use only one depending on the look you want. The logo design can also be downloaded from www.asg.org national site.

  • Note: Las Vegas ASG below is .pes format, you will need to convert the design to your particular sewing machine format..
ASG Sweatshirt!
Machine Embroidery
Amy Butler pattern, CUTE!!!
PATTERN freebie!
Click on Peter's picture for more information. The sew-along information and tips are still up on his website.
Peter always has a "NEW" Sew Along to participate in so check  and see what he is currently working on.
Fiber Burn Chart   What is that piece of material, check it out....  You-tube video showing "burn" examples....FANTASTIC!
A Blast from the Past
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The  ANATOMY of a needle!
Learn all about what needle to use and why they have different sizes, points, and styles.


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Superior Threads Education Page: threads, tension, stabilizer..............GREAT RESOURCE!!!!
Halloween EXPRESS ... lots of useful links from beginner sewing to history of sewing..........
Wavy Windows Bag by Pauline Ineson
Download Page for a PDF instuction!
Home Hobbies: Sewing Resources at Home....by Home Advisor:  this is a great site sent to me for a lot of basic sewing tips and links...thank you Bella, keep up the good work!